• "I adore this item!"

    "It made it easier for me to take fewer pills the first two days of my period..." —Anna

  • "Worth every penny!"

    "My partner expressed how wonderful it felt to use it and how pleased she is with it...."—Tristan

  • "Amazing Product"

    "The product has been a miracle for my wife, who has always experienced excruciating period pains...." —David

  • "It's surreal."

    "Normally, I'd be confined to bed, but because to BlissfulBelly, I can continue to function and keep up with things...." —Laura

  • Simply wear LunaWarm Massager...

    Gently wrap the device around your waist, letting it rest on your lower abdomen or back comfortably.

  • With a press of a button..

    Press the button to choose from three available modes and customize your experience.

  • And relax...

    Sit back, relax, and allow the gentle combination of heat and massage therapy to alleviate your period discomfort.


Here are some of the concerns we get the most. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are still having trouble.

During menstruation, the uterus releases chemicals known as "prostaglandins". These chemicals cause the uterus to contract and shed its lining. However, excessive release of prostaglandins can lead to increasingly painful cramps. LunaWarm Massager addresses this issue with heat and massage therapy, promoting better blood flow, reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles, and releasing endorphins. This provides instant and natural relief from "prostaglandin" effects.

Your order will be delivered to your doorstep within 1-5 business days!

LunaWarm Massager utilizes two natural therapies (heat & massage therapy) to relieve period cramps, making it entirely safe for everyone to use.

LunaWarm Massager is designed to fit everyone, thanks to its highly adjustable strap and included strap extension.

As LunaWarm Massager is a wearable device, you can wear it and receive soothing, heated massages while continuing with your daily activities. This means you can use it at home, at work, at school, or even while on the go.

LunaWarm Massager's battery life lasts 2-3 hours. We recommend 30-minute sessions, allowing for approximately 4-6 uses!

Because we recognize how intimidating trying a new product might be, we provide our clients with a 30-day money-back guarantee.