Peeling Hard Boiled Farm Fresh Eggs

September 18, 2010

More Farm Eggs

I must say, I adore farm fresh eggs. I love the varied sizes and colors, I love the deep colored yolks, I love that it is the easiest local food product for me to procure. I love knowing the hens that laid these eggs were out in a field pecking at bugs and seeds and being truly chicken-like all day.

BUT, they are a SERIOUS pain in the keester to peel when you hard boil them! We enjoy deviled eggs quite often, but I have gone so far as to buy store eggs just because I dread trying to peel my farm ones. Something about the membrane between the shell and egg not as mature, pH levels & carbon dioxide, la la la. Whatevers…I just know it is annoying.

After trying several suggestions all with nominal results, I believe I have FINALLY found the best technique. My life can now go on, hallelujah!

How to hard boil AND peel farm fresh eggs:

  • Use the oldest eggs you can, 7-10 days if possible.
  • Submerge eggs completely in a pot of cold salted water
  • Bring water to a boil, turn the heat down to medium low and set timer for 10 minutes (or adjust according to preferences, this step is not as critical)
  • Remove from heat and drain hot water. Toss the eggs back and forth in the pot to crack the shells fairly well
  • Fill the pot with cold water and let sit until eggs are cooled down
  • Peel eggs submerged in the cool water
  • When I do this, maybe one egg out of six will have a sticky spot, the rest will peel super easy. Winner winner chicken egg dinner.


    Peeled eggs will last in the fridge for about a week, I usually place then in an airtight container on a damp paper towel that I change every couple of days.

    Random Tip: if you want more centered yolks for your deviled eggs, turn your carton of eggs on its side the day before hard boiling them


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